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Empowering people with prostate cancer

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How can we help you?

Testing and diagnostic tool

  • This tool will help you learn more about the different tests and scans that may be needed in order to diagnose prostate cancer. 

Go to the testing and diagnosis tool.

Understanding treatment tool

Our guided treatment tool will help you:

  • learn about the different treatment choices you may have
  • find out more about the benefits and risks of different treatments
  • compare different treatments side by side
  • learn from others who have had specific treatments before

Go to the treatment tool.

Living with side effects

This section on side effects will allow you to:

  • Learn from others who have been through treatment before
  • Find out what tips and advice they have for dealing with specific side effects
  • Discover useful resources and support from organisations to help you live better

Go to the living with side effects page.

Clinical trial finder

  • Learn more about clinical trials, including answers to the most common questions and myths debunked.
  • Use our interactive clinical trial finder, powered by, to help find clinical trials that might be right for you.

Go to the clinical trials page.

services near me icon

Find which services are available in hospitals near you:

  • diagnostic services (tests and scans)
  • treatments
  • support services

Go the services search tool.

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