Prostate Progress

Prostate Progress is a first of its kind patient data platform that, with your help, can change the face of prostate cancer research.

What is it?

Prostate Progress is a ground-breaking initiative by Prostate Cancer Research. With your help we hope to find a better test to diagnose prostate cancer earlier, and develop treatments to help men live longer, better lives.

Why join Prostate Progress?

  1. It's simple
  2. It's safe
  3. You can help save lives
  4. It will help you better understand and manage your own health
How to join Prostate Progress

Who can join?

Anyone in the UK who has or had prostate cancer (regardless of how long ago), can participate.

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About this information

  • This information was published in June 2024. We will revise it in June 2026.

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By sharing your story you can help others. Share what went well, what didn't and everything in between. Your experience is valuable. Help make the prostate cancer community stronger.

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