Before sharing your story we would ask that you please review the information on this page carefully. Thank you

The infopool is a website that has been built for people affected by prostate cancer. 

It has been built by Prostate Cancer Research (PCR).

The infopool has been developed to provide clear, simple information about:

  • Diagnosing prostate cancer
  • Possible treatments choices for prostate cancer
  • Living with side effects
  • Finding suitable clinical trials.
  • PCR are collecting hundreds of real stories and experiences from people who have been affected by prostate cancer. You can help by sharing your story and information. 
  • By sharing your experience and information it will help other people understand the possible effects of treatment and make better informed choices. It will also help them learn how to live with any side effects they may have after treatment.
  • Share your story but remain anonymous (use an alias and don't upload a photo of yourself)
  • Share your story and share your first name, a photo of yourself and some other information like your age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. This basic information will be visible to users of the infopool to help them understand your experience and how it might relate to their own.
  • Let us know you are interested in being filmed sharing your story when you create an account. Alternatively, you can email our Communities and Communication Executive Harriet at and let her know.

Your information will only be used in other places if you provide us your explicit consent when creating your account. If you do give us your consent the information you agree to share publicly may also be used in the following ways:

  • In printed publications like our 'Treating Prostate Cancer' booklet
  • press releases
  • on social media channels
  • in presentation materials 
  • on PCR’s main website
  • advertising and in the national media

Please also be aware that that our website and social media channels can be accessed from outside the United Kingdom. 

  • Yes, you can withdraw your consent for use of your information at any time by contacting and telling us you wish to remove your information. 
  • This means that we will remove your story, photograph, video, etc from the infopool and PCR’s website and will not use it again in the future. 
  • We will also get rid of any information about you from our records. But we will not be able to remove your information from any booklets or leaflets that have already been printed.

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By sharing your story you can help others. Share what went well, what didn't and everything in between. Your experience is valuable. Help make the prostate cancer community stronger.

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