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Triple therapy

Tips and advice for any bladder or bowel side effects of treatment

It’s a difficult one but keep yourself hydrated. I find I limit my fluid intake when I know I have access to a toilet and have my last drink around 8pm. Coffee and alcoholic drinks can make your sweats worse, I switched to more tea than coffee, and limited the drink to a once a week family get together at the pub (and the odd sneaky glass of wine

Tips and advice for any sexual side effects of treatment

Unfortunately not, just on of the side effects of fighting this nasty illness. Urology nurse are very helpful and if this is an issue for you speak to them they will help.

Tips and advice for any physical side effects of treatment

I am currently on triple treatment. Normally used when things fall for late advance metestatic cancer. I was diagnosed in July and mine has spread to lymph nodes up to my chest, in my bone, particular my spine and marrow. I am on Two hormone treatments, one to suppress testosterone and the other to wrap the cells to stop them producing their own testosterone and feeding them selfs. To to this chemo.. so as you can imagine the sweats have been in the early days horrid resulting in like to no sleep, this couple with side pain and back pain was horrid. Each time they added additional meds it stopped the got worse. Sweats are help I found with the following. Limit you caffeinate drinks and alcohol. Tea appear to be tolerated better than coffee, fruit tea even better. Evening primrose high strength can help. Ditch the quilt, even now as winter is coming, several thin blankets layers you can peal back as you need. There is a couple of mattress sites out there that sell menopause pillows and mattress cover, they have a cooling effect, I found them helpful in the summer. Loss of energy and weakness, try to keep things as normal as possable and keep your self active, but listen too your body.. if you need to rest rest. Mental fog, you will experience this and the additional medication together makes it worse, everyday items you take for granted will become a little more taxing, again don’t be hard on yourself it’s just the meds, give yourself extra time to do things and write notes to stop you forgetting. Emotions, wow, these have slowly got worse the more medications I am on, If you need help with this speak to do one. I have seen me have real bad days, but family have call me picked me up and taken me out for a cuppa. It’s part of the corse but please talk to someone if they get too much. Back pain, neck pain and nose pain. Well I am not on any prescribed meds as yet. Leaving these till I really need them. Heat treatments baths and over the counter painkillers all help.

Tips and advice for any mental and emotional side effects of treatment

As I said before the triple treatment compounds all the emotions getting worse with each one added.(at least for me) Different things can set me off, but it’s part of the effect of the meds and getting my head round my diagnosis. ( my dad was also diagnosed one month before me) I find trying to keep a normal as possible routine, and keep myself occupied and among friends. There will be times when you just want curl up in a bowl and tell the world to do one, that’s healthy to let it out. But if it’s getting worse and dark thoughts creep in, please please please reach out, friends family, macmillan nurse. It’s good to talk, women are good at it we are typical poor…. Talk and it helps , you’re not in this fight alone. I am finding the transition between a supervisor in a high pressure industry to been off sick long term hard to deal with, but support from my family is helping, Memory issues and fog, well I feel like I am 90 not 51, tried fitting removal tie hitch on car today, took an hour, cleaning up coupling and been unable to get it working. Appears I had not pull out a knob!!! Yeh qualified mech and had to get help, that upset me. Best advice allow extra time for jobs, get help when you can. Those days when you feel tired avoid these jobs. Write yourself notes, use you phone calendar and reminders. And take it easy on yourself it just the meds

How this treatment impacted my life the most

My treatment will hopefully give my more time and less pain. The sweats, and emotional depression are hard to deal with. Impacting sleep patterns which make matters worse. Only on my first round of chemo, this after day 4 left me with leg pains and cramps and general flu like symptoms again impacting sleep. This couple with my diagnosis and now been off work (work in highly dangerous environment with struck medical guidelines so unable to work) adds to mental health deteriorating something I am working on.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

I have too. I will continue this as long as I can and my quality of life is still there. Once this effects me to much I will stop the treatment, but I hope I am a a couple of years of that yet

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