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Do you have any tips or advice that may help others support those who are going through treatment, including with any ongoing side effects?

Check the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment offered and read around the information given to make sure it is right for you. We decided against radiotherapy and it was the right decision for us but went against the oncologist advice at first. Ask lots of questions about the pros and cons of any treatment offered.

Please tell us how their treatment impacted your life the most.

My Husband's zest for life has dimmed and his energy levels are very low so we do a lot less. It is difficult to keep upbeat when he is tired and not as enthusiastic as he used to be. I like a plan so I've been happier since he started hormone treatment and decided against radiotherapy and we don't need to go to so many hospital appointments. Our life has got smaller and I'm struggling with that.

Thinking about your own wellbeing, what has helped you to cope, and where have you gone to find support? What tips and advice would you give to others?

I've had counselling and that has helped me to cope. I've told everyone about the diagnosis and treatment so they are aware and understand why my husband is tired.

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