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How this treatment impacted my life the most

As my cancer is very low grade and on a watching brief, treatment is normally two blood tests a year followed by an appointment with the consultant an internal investigation. Then depending on the results I have had a full scan, and flow tests too check output and also two biopsies to check the prostate and have samples taken. The first time was under a local anasthetic, the second time a general, each time it was slightly uncomfortable, but the results came through fairly quickly, and each time only a very few of the samples showed any trace of cancer, and then it was only of a low grade. My consultants resume is normally " Well Les, it won't be the Prostate Cancer that will see you off, it's more likely too be Old Age" to which my response is " Depends on how you define Old Age " to which the reply is " "Well late 80s or even well into you 90 " Which is very reassuring

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

Whilst this is not a totally accurate assessment, it as good as it gets, and given the small amount of discomfort, even with a biopsy it is well worth it to know how if at all the Cancer is progressing. It all started through talking to friends who each had a different diagnosis, but the one thing they all agreed on, was to have it checked out as early as possible and not to think "Oh well it's not likely too happen too me, or to put the possible symptoms down to something else and ignore them like many men do. My brother and others I know included in this way of thinking. For many men it still feels a taboo subject, but believe me, it is far better too have an early diagnosis than too wait and find out it has spread.

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