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I was part of the Marsden Barcode genetic screening test and was found to be at risk without any symptoms. I was surprised that I had prostate cancer as my PSA had never been more than 3 or so. However, I was lucky that it was found early and localised so it could be 'cured' The brachytherapy had very little impact compared to what surgery or 15 RT sessions may have thrown at me. I was treated at hospital with great expertise, understanding and support. The worst part was, as I am sure others will attest to, is the biopsy. I was uncomfortable for a week or so post brachytherapy and wary of getting too close to my grandchildren for a couple of months ( on lap etc). I am now almost a year post treatment with the PSA at 0.33 and still falling.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


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I was fortunate to be offered all treatment options with the likelihood of the same outcome long term. Brachytherapy seemed to be the least invasive for a shorter time as it was all under GA. I was also under the care of the hospital - the best place to be as well. Follow up has been good, too.

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