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Tips and advice for any bladder or bowel side effects of treatment

Realise, that keeping hydrated is NOW a two way street. What goes in has to come out, In coming out your body it secretes good stuff and bad stuff, that you can't see. It may take a while for this to reach your brain. (months even) Your favourite liquid refreshments, Tea, Coffee Sugary drinks and Energy drinks, and Alcohol, are not you friend any more. Drink water, when ever you can. - Cold and refreshing water, lean to feel that refreshed feeling once again.

Tips and advice for any sexual side effects of treatment

During this period, my wife, who I loved deeply, filed for divorce. Two countries two languages, Emotionally I was in the desert, There was no place or opportunity for tenderness, to capture a caring emotion. We had married three years before, after being together for fourteen years which we had both enjoyed, Now it was another biased letter from her lawyer, (a narcissist. Put the hard question on the table, Are we able to work through this together? It is more a question, are we going to loose our shared selves, that look, that feeling, that shared hug. "Together we are stronger" Our being "apart" starts here.

Tips and advice for any physical side effects of treatment

During the treatment, your focus is on the 20 day routine, A new routine, that only you have to deal with. - There is little time left to consider diet, Bring it to the surface. Wander around the Hospital Restaurant, there are others who are equally afraid, Realize, that you are not alone. I met daily a young girl of nine who was being treated. it made me feel very humble that I could still walk and run. Your "Medical Cancer Nurse" (and the team). They have heard it all before" You are just the new kid on the block. Trust them! Ask them.! , Make them smile too. and your day will be much better.

Tips and advice for any mental and emotional side effects of treatment

Find yourself, find your boundaries, find what makes you happy. You will meet professional and interesting doctors and oncologists, They are trained to listen and offer help and guidance. I remember one murky and cold December morning, I was to decide which treatment I would opt. for. The doctor, a rather attractive lady, entered the room and asked me how I was feeling, I realized, then that I had failed the testosterone test, and this would be my new for real existence.

How this treatment impacted my life the most

I had a wake-up call, when I was diagnosed, I was one of three men who went for a check-up nearly at the same time. For one of us, the cancer had spread and, the only option was the snip. For one the cancer had spread into the lymph glands and treatment was required. I was generally fit but a tad overweight. "You should take the test too," our wives said I did and it was a profound shock, "Me ill" I, ve always been active, and enjoyed my Heineken bier. At this point, society introduced more profound step changes including Covid and Brexit - and divorce litigation. How did this impact "me". I became forcefully aware of being alone. I did not know how to change my life, Other than we will monitor your PSA on an annual basis - keep it below 0.02. I am very conscious now about exercise and diet. try to get body weight to within my BMI range. I understand the effect of personal rejection. But even now the message of good health remains something for others, But obesity is someone else's contribution so evident in any High Street. Sadly the UK is in the grip of a financial pandemic, there is no feel-good factor. All I can do is mentor those who are starting out on this journey. Because in my case I have my Health / my dog. and I hope this story will encourage others to maintain their health.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

The physical side of the treatment was a process of elimination, for the case in question, but testosterone reduction is something one learns to cope with and adjust too.

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