Ronald's Story

White British
Sexual Orientation
North West
Relationship status
Married/In a Civil Partnership

Tips and advice for any sexual side effects of treatment

We have not been sexually active for some time so side effects was not a problem. The main issue was the penis would shrink so when you wanted a wee you quite often wet yourself

Tips and advice for any physical side effects of treatment

Having taken hormone tablets for 6 months I had bouts of fatigue and anxiety but this is something you have to live with

How this treatment impacted my life the most

I was told that hormone treatment would fight the cancer cells so it was tablets or injections I chose tablets

Having hormone tablets for 6 months was very difficult time for me going though anxiety and depression but the treatment was to help with the cancer.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

Because the treatment is there to fight the cancer

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