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Tips and advice for any sexual side effects of treatment

If you are younger and had an active sex life before diagnosis you need to be patient for a while before libido begins to improve. MacMillan have good advice concerning erection and there are clinics to help with this.

Tips and advice for any physical side effects of treatment

Report them to the Oncology team. Ask for advice. You are not being a nuisance.

Tips and advice for any mental and emotional side effects of treatment

Talking with others helps.

How this treatment impacted my life the most

Fatigue was my (still is) biggest bugbear. It turned into now wanting to do much. I am slowly working on getting back to being more active.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

To be diagnosed was a complete shock. By the time of diagnosis I had the finger up the bum a few times. It's uncomfortable but absolutely essential. A scan and then a biopsy a little embarrassing but pain free and it took less than half an hour. Diagnosis confirmed Stage Two Prostate Cancer. Now further scans - Bones, Lymph Nodes and muscles. That's a CAT scan and an MRI. Relieved to be told there was no migration of rogue cells to any other parts of the body. . I was lucky to be seen by a Professor  who is an amazing woman . It was decided I follow the hormone/radiology path. The hormone treatment has unpleasant side effects. I was asked to take part in a pilot study using a new scanner called MR Linac. There are only two in the country it is the most accurate scanner available. At the same time I am part of a separate study called MR Bio. I am claustrophobic and don't like scans. The amazing radiologists were reassuring and helped me through it. I owe them great big thanks. The MR Linac was 5 sessions over two weeks. I completed this at the end of May 2023. I don't feel ill, I have a few hot sweats now and again and still get tired easily. I get regular follow ups and The Urology and Oncology specialist nurses are just a phone call away. This all started with a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigens) blood test at my GP. These are vital blood tests for all men over 50. The earlier Prostate Cancer is caught the better the outcomes. There is always Macmillan and Prostate Cancer UK for additional help. There is tons of information out there I felt overwhelmed by it all. I realise every individual has their own story some good and some not so good. I decided to take my journey a day at a time. I feel lucky to have been diagnosed early and to have had (so far) fantastic treatment provided by the NHS and the wonderful staff who work for it.

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