Christopher's Story

White British
Sexual Orientation
Prefer not to say
Greater London
Relationship status

Tips and advice for any bladder or bowel side effects of treatment

I have a Stoma and this is a nightmare. I suggest that you change the Pouch every day at the same time.

Tips and advice for any physical side effects of treatment

Time was a healer for the Scrotum. For the heat rashes, patience as it is minor compared with the gain from the treatment.

Tips and advice for any mental and emotional side effects of treatment

Antidepressants helped with my anxiety issues.

How this treatment impacted my life the most

I lost my job because of it. It was my hobby as well as my employment and source of income.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

I wish that I had not volunteered for the Atlanta trial of Cryotherapy. I would have preferred a course of Radiotherapy which would have finished much earlier.

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