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80 or older
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West Midlands
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Married/In a Civil Partnership

Tips and advice for any sexual side effects of treatment

If you suffer from ED and leaking urine a good solution is to use a vacuum erection device which I been using very successful since my surgery.

My nerves were saved but I suffer from ED, more due to age rather than the surgery. I use a vacuum pump very successfully and our sex life hasn't been affected, in many ways it has improved because I can have erections on demand.

How this treatment impacted my life the most

Because of my age at the time of surgery, 12 years ago, my erections were waining but now I use a VED for erections which are very strong and reliable. Our sex life is better than what they would have been before prostate cancer!

Following surgery I suffered from ED and urine leakage and we had to adapt to a new normal which was using a penis pump and constricting rings to achieve and maintain erections This also solved the problem of leaking urine. We had to adapt our love making to the new normal. Our matching libidos, love , communication, imagination and laughter allowed us to invent different ways of making love. In many ways our sex life has had the unintended benefit of being able to remain active in our seventies and eighties.

If I had to do it all over again, would I choose the same treatment?


Why did I give this answer?

I am cured and all my water works problems have gone and our sex life is great.

I was/am very fit with no other health issues and because my MRI showed that the cancer was well contained with good margins my urologist was very confident that I could achieve an excellent outcome. The psychological effect of getting rid of the cancer with the prostate gland was appealing. I had urinary issues of frequency and urgency which I don't have now. All in all my wife and I feel that we made the right choice

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